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EduTools are various products that help in teaching and learning a wide range of topics. 



The different types of Edu cards cover a variety of topics such as animals, plants, trees, minerals, and history. Interesting facts are presented with attractive pictures. The cards can be used as "flash" cards for daily learning of facts and words. The facts are chosen to promote interest and further thinking in the various topics covered as well as to present technical words and their meaning. The cards also serve as educational games. Each set of cards have a corresponding book.

Card games

 "Who or what am I "?


Cards are stacked picture side down and the players take turns taking cards and reading out loud the text on the back while allowing the other players to see the corresponding picture.  The players have to guess what animal, plant, tree or historic figure the facts correspond with. The text sides of the cards have keys that allow the players to group them to accumulating facts about a certain animal, plant or tree without knowing what animal, plant or tree is being grouped. Facts are accumulated until there are enough facts to make a guess about what or who the facts describe.

 "Tree Memory game".


Different trees are displayed, each tree having 4 pictures showing "form", "bark", "leaf" and "timber use". The names of the trees are on the back side with a descriptive sentence The cards are placed picture side up in a random order. The object of the game is to be able to pick up 4 cards that correspond to the same tree.       

 Language learning (English, French, Geman)

 Edu cards have colored pictures with corresponding names in the 3 languages.  On the back side, the cards have sentences in the 3 languages using phrases and descriptive words related to the pictures on the front side.  This method allows the students who have knowledge or interest of the subjects to learn the names of the animals, plants, trees, or minerals in the other languages. The descriptive text also allows a "self-discovery" approach of learning meaning of specific words.

 The following set of cards are available.


  •  "Tree memory" cards Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • "What tree am I"? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • "What plant am I"? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • "What animal am I"? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  • "What mineral am I"?
  • "Who am I"? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


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Think Parks 


"Think Park - a journey thru space and time".   "Think Parks" are implemented using a 100 meter straight path with posts along the way used as markers of space and time. Historical events from the big bang to the far future are referenced with 1 meter corresponding to 300 years.  Physical sizes from atoms to the universe are presented using an imaginary cube with a side 100 meters long or a 100 meter diameter imaginary sphere. Think Park is a place to contemplate the universe and to allow a visualization of it so that it can be better understood. The 100 meter path can be along a football field, in a school yard, in a public park, a parking lot, a cemetery, or even along a street. 

Implementation requires 20 posts, a 20 meter link fence and weather proof copies of the pictures and text (the pages of the attached booklet on a metal etching).

Think Parks motivate thinking of our universe and visualizing the very small and very large numbers that we are daily confronted with.Click to add text, images, and other content.

A booklet is available to describe the project and to be used as  the information that can be posted on the posts along the path. It is written in English, French, Spanish and German.  

Think Parks

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64 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1481283939
ISBN-10: 1481283936


"Choxblox"  are a set of blocks each one a truncated tetrahedron shape with holes on all of its 8 sides. The blocks are connected together using sticks made of plastic. The shape of the blocks allow them to be interconnected at angles the same as those found in the interconnection of carbon atoms. This allows organic molecules to be modeled as well as graphite sheets and diamond crystals. By following simple repetitive procedures, very complex shapes can be easily made.  I have built a prototype out of wood and have made photographs of some of the structures that can be built very easily.  If the pieces are  connected with an elastic band, a 3D puzzle can be made that is similar to the well known Rubic Cube.  By using thin plastic cutout sheets, a kit can be offered for making your own CHOXBLOX pieces by folding the plastic sheets.  

Photographs of the CHOXBLOX structures can be seen in the links below.




Molds must be made for mass producing these pieces in colored plastic and / or having them mass produced in wood by robotic wood cutters.  Another way to mass produce these blocks would be to use 3D printers.


These blocks can be used for modeling carbon based molecules and crystals. 

These blocks can be used by all ages. For the very young, it promotes fine motor skills and confidence in being able to easily build beautiful complex structures. For those at university level, it is useful for modeling carbon based molecules and crystals. 




"Edublocks" are described in the link below.


These blocks provide an alternative to Lego. The peices can be made from different types of wood so that the toy teaches about the different trees and wood as well as the different shapes and how they all fit together.  





Simplification of Everything – For a better understanding

This book starts with physics, chemistry, biology and geology. Models are proposed for forces and atoms so that they can be easily visualized and understood. Atoms are given faces and personalities matching their behaviors. Bonds between atoms are illustrated as people holding hands and molecules and compounds are introduced as families. Analogies understood by children are used to explain physical laws of gravity and light that are otherwise very difficult to understand. Rocks and minerals are compared to breads. Cells are compared to cities. Dreams are compared to de-fragmenting computer memories. Technology is compared to evolution and machines are compared to animals. Physical and social sciences like geology, weather, biology, economics, politics, history, psychology, philosophy and religion are simplified in short informative and humorous short stories and essays.  An audio picture book version is available on This makes the book a useful tool for improving English vocabulary, even for native English speakers.

Publication Date: Apr 17 2012 ISBN/EAN13: 1453618619 / 9781453618615 Page Count: 452

Binding Type: US Trade Paper Trim Size: 6" x 9", Language: English

Color: Black and White, Related Categories: Education / Non-Formal Education

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A Short History of a Long Future – A Guide for New-man

This science fiction is an account of history and the future. Topics on physics, chemistry, nutrition, biology are treated in a simplified form using analogies and easy-to-understand language. Humans destroy nature and re-invent it. They replace their bodies by robots and achieve immortality by storing their brains in a centralized safe haven called Heaven Inc. and by controlling their replaceable robot bodies remotely. They find a new world and use a collection of best genes from animals and plants to create a new life form called new-man. They teach new-man all they know, and in turn new man leads them to god. This book is written to guide new-man much like our bible was written to guide us. Written in a poetic and simplified style full with analogies, it outlines the history of the universe and of mankind and of the physical and social sciences and philosophy. It offers rational explanations of physical laws of gravity, inertia and light as well as a rational answer to the circular question of how a creator god came to be without being created. Lives of famous people real and imaginary like the one who tamed fire, the builder of the pyramids, Buddha, Attila, Khan, Gutenberg, Luther, Galileo, Adam Smith, Marx, Hitler, and the developers of new technologies in our future as well as the creator of new-man are described.

Publication Date: Mar 24 2012 ISBN/EAN13: 1453623132 / 9781453623138

Page Count: 448

Binding Type: US Trade Paper, Trim Size: 6" x 9", Language: English Color: Black and White

Related Categories: Fiction / Science Fiction / General

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These short "coffee table" picture books in English, German and French present Animals, Plants, and Rocks with pictures and facts. The interesting, basic and informative facts are short, simply written, easy to understand, entertaining and thought provoking. These books are ideal for teaching, learning and awakening interest for further study. They are also ideal for using as a language teaching aid to learn specialized vocabulary in the various languages.  

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The following short educational videos are meant to awaken interest in various topics. Complex concepts are explained in an entertaining and simplified way that is useful for those wanting to improve their general knowledge and their technical and specialized vocabulary. Non native speakers will find the videos useful for improving their English vocabulary and their pronunciation and understanding skills. The videos cover a wide range of topics and include specialized vocabulary. They try to be entertaining and informative and promote self-discovery of the meaning of the vocabulary used.