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Why do things fall to the earth? And why doesn’t the moon fall?  Why does the balloon stick to the wall like a magnet?  Why do I get a shock sometimes when I touch the doorknob?  What is electricity? and what is an electron? Why do magnet stick to each other and why do they repel?   How big is an atom? How big is the sun? How big is our Galaxy?    

This short story book puts mechanisms to concepts like inertia and momentum, gravity, electricity and light and illustrates their characteristics. This short story introduces the atom, its electron and proton, and illustrates how they interact with each other. It shows how motion is relative and how motion of electrons causes electricity in wires and communication waves in air. It describes how magnets work and how size is also relative. It shows we are in the middle of the large range between the atom and the universe.  

All of these concepts take place in the context of a story. The story is about a boy who becomes  charged emotionally when he loses his heart. On his quest to find his heart, he goes thru many electrifying adventures. He encounters others who have also lost their heart.  At first repelled by them, he later joins them in his adventure to find his heart. The boy realizes that his heart was as well longing for him. Content again, the boy continues his journey thru the universe and discovers how vast it is and how small he is.


Why does grape juice turn to wine?, and wine to vinegar? What is the difference between gasoline and alcohol? Why is sugar sweet and salt salty? What is cotton, silk, polyester ? Mylar, Kevlar, PET ?  How can we tell how old something is ? How is a nuclear bomb work?    
Atoms are given a face  and a shapes to illustrate their characteristics to shows how atoms, like people, bond together to make families of different materials that we encounter every day.  

This short story introduces the petroleum products like gasoline that make up the Hydrocarbons. Then it shows how Oxygen forms alcohols and acids, and how alcohols and acids form esters, that form polyesters. The book illustrates how fats are formed and how soaps are formed from fats. Proteins are discussed as well as salts. Finally nuclear fusion is illustrated.  

All of these chemical concepts take place in the context of a story. The story takes place in ChemistryLand. It shows how men from a town take over a gas station and turn it into a bar. With time the bar turns more and more violent. Then things turned sour.  An entrepreneur decides to take advantage of the situation and sets up companies that make useful products. In the end ChemistryLand is threatened by a terrorist.  

Earth Geology

Why are rocks with fossils of ocean life found on top of mountains?. How are rocks formed? Why are there so many different types of rocks?

This short story illustrates how our earth was formed and shaped as we see it at present. The cycle of rocks from their birth when they are squirted out to the surface from the bowls of volcanoes, to their death when they return to be recycled, is illustrated in the form of a story of a day in the life of a Silicon atom, the main constituents of most rocks.

Silicon’s day begins when he is woken up from a deep sleep. He leaves his bed and goes outside to begins his adventure of the day. He witnesses the adventures of other rocks and witnesses how an ice age  carved out continents. When he is back in his warm bed, he recollects his adventure and dreams about a mountains forming from an ocean bed..    

Cooking Rock

Why are there so many different kinds of rocks lying around the same place?

Compares rocks forming in volcanoes to pastry and bread backing in an oven. The following minerals are described: quartz, clay, feldspar, mica, talc, calcite, dolomite and pyrite. The following gems are described: aquamarine, emerald, opal, sapphire and ruby. The following rocks are described: Tuff, rhyolite, basalt, granite, gabbro, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, marble, shale, slate, schist, gneiss, peat, coal, and asphalt.

Mountain formation

How are mountains formed?

Illustrates how the Himalayas, the Rocky mountains and the Swiss alps formed.


What kind of weather do you get under a high air pressure? Under a low pressure? How are hails formed? What is Smog?

The Weather family introduces the weather they cause all over the world. Mother Sun, father Land, daughter Rain and her brother Wind  show you how they interact with each other to make weather that shapes our world.


What is the difference between Right, Centre and Left wing.  How did the conflict between Jews and Palestinians start? What do banks and churches have in common?

A story illustrating politics in the context of today’s situation. Welcome to the Town of Politics and meet some of the families. The Churches, the Banks, the Yanks, Chinks, Japs, Arabs, Jews, Africans, Euros and the Swiss. See how they react with each other, and why.

The History and Future of Money

What is money? Where does it come from? What will money be like in the future?

This short essay addresses these points.  

Money Markets

What is the money market and how does it work? What are its flaws? What should you do if everyone wants your money and is willing to pay a high price for it?

This short essay addresses these points. People lose faith in the Euro and the Dollar and end up chasing the Swiss Frank. China patently looks on.   

Lessons from  Nature

What can we learn from Nature? Why do you always fall down and never up? What can we learn from laws such as gravity, inertia, momentum and thermodynamics? What should we do to attract or to repel sex?

Discusses natural laws and observations and suggests what we can learn from each.

Organs and Glands

What is the Spleen for? and the Gallbladder? What is Bile? What about the Kidneys?

Hop on and take a tour with a red blood cell who takes you thru Willy’s organs and glands.

Food as calories   Food as nutrients

How to gain and lose weight and keep healthy.


Know what you want to do and learn to do it, be positive, honest, helpful grateful and take it all with a laugh.  


What convinced Eve to ……? Who were Cain and Abel?
Moses advised “ eye for an eye and tooth” justice.  Jesus advised  “when someone slaps you on one cheek give him the other to slap”.  Why does Jesus’s advice make more sense?
What is Jesus’s message of salvation? How has Africa contributed to History? How about the Arabs? The Euros? The Yanks? The Chinks? The Swiss?

A story illustrating main events in world history. Welcome to the Town of Politics 6,000th Birthday party and meet some of the families. The Churches, the Africans, the Arabs, the Euros, the Yanks, the Chinks, and the Swiss. Listen to them talk about their ancestors and how they reacted with each other in the past.

All about tolerance and the only real democracy in the world - direct democracy.

All about fighting and exploiting.

What can happen to those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.


How do you value worth and success?

Evolution of Technology

How evolution of machines parallels the evolution of life.